Current Flu Solution Available Now!!

April 18, 2011 at 12:26pm

We at Future Generations Health are busy making up batches of our current flu remedy POW WOW 2012!! If you are experiencing flu like symptoms or have already been taken over by the current flu strain...Order Today!! We understand times are tough so we are offering POW WOW at the discounted price!!

Every year we have customers calling to find out when the new solution will be available; We are happy to report that it's available NOW for flu relief.

Quite a few businesses country wide have been seeing employee attendance affected by this years flu. Employees themselves are not in peak condition; employed parents need to take precious time to care for elderly parents or their children. A workplace outbreak of the flu affects productivity;

employee health and wellness is crucial for cash flow.

POW WOW! aids your body in fighting the annual flu & supports the immune system. POW WOW is reformulated every flu season to give you the most effective potion for the current strand, so use throughout the year. For Prevention an 8oz bottle will last up to 47 days. If under the Spellbinders Curse the bottle will last up to 24 days. Share with family Members! .

Future Generations Health has many Magical Potions and Blends and alternative remedies that can help you handle critters before or after their invasion.Our blends come in liquid or capsules and are easy to take for those on the go. PUT IN YOUR ORDER NOW!

We can get you many of our wonderful products such as ASEA®, Standard Process®, Vitaxan, Sangomin, Source Naturals®...And many, many more! We can order just about anything you need, so let us know!

Future Generations Health. 818-242-1240

Conveniently located near Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale Community College.

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